Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Sunday Afternoon at Home . . .

The first Sunday of the year . . . and I am inside where it is warm and cozy. I am spending time in my studio today making things that are fun and creative, as well as making things to meet some deadlines! Thank goodness we have lots of leftovers from a little neighborhood party we hosted last night. It will be a grazing kind of day for my husband and for me. He is having a mostly casual day, too...along with a little real estate work.

I am working on an Ohio Star Block for Kathi (due Tues nt!) , the Literature Challenge for the Museum Quilt Guild's annual challenge (due on Jan. 19th!), a mini album for a client that is due in a couple of weeks . . . so, that is enough for today! I have the fabrics and papers picked out and the ideas in my head for all three of these things, now to get my ideas on paper before I proceed. I stopped at Chestnut Bay in Caledonia the other day to get even MORE fabric for these projects because I didn't have just the right shades of burgundy or greens or blues to work with. So, I have a real good start . . . maybe by tomorrow I will have made enough headway to keep the feeling of panic at bay!

Happy to be keeping on track and trying hard to remain positive every day. Six days into the new year and I have kept that resolution! :-) 

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