Saturday, February 9, 2013


I wrote a blog post about two weeks ago, had it ready to go, wanted to make a correction, hit the back button, and POOF!  It disappeared!

Having just celebrated my birthday, I wrote about turning 60, about the snowy winter, and the projects I had been working on in my studio.  

2013 is the year I am calling my “Finish It” year. The UFOs – unfinished objects packed away in totes in my closet – will come out of hiding and WILL get finished. That is my pledge to myself, my husband and my house. There will be a lot more space in my home come the end 2013 and I will have more examples of my work displayed on the walls and shelves in my home and ready for exhibits at art and quilt shows. My husband has remarked that he lives in our house with an artist, yet we have nothing on display to show it! (In the past, I gave away almost everything I made.) And, many times I have missed the opportunity to exhibit something because it is still a UFO!  

To jumpstart my “Finish It” year, in January I finished a small quilt. All it needed was the binding! That was finished in the span of three nights while watching TV with my husband. Currently, in February, I have pulled out the dreaded mending bag. Jeans for garden work just needed some patches and buttons sewn on . . . and they will be DONE by the end of the month! One wall quilt and two mini quilts will get their borders and backing and will be machine quilted. What a feeling it will be to actually have finished these things that have been waiting for a long, long time! 

I have put another of my handmade mini albums and boxes on my YouTube channel and am working on another video to upload soon. I am making a custom order mini and box now for a client to give as an engagement gift. It is really fun for me to work on something like this because it allows me to make a very pretty and romantic piece. I will be sure to post photos and a YouTube video when it is finished.  

What I have learned:
Write blog posts first in my MS Word so they don’t go POOF!

What I want to learn:
How to make the photo at the top of my blog smaller.

What I appreciate:
My family and friends who support and humor me when I ask them to watch my show and tell.

What I want:
More hours in a day to work on all the things I love doing . . . and even the things I don’t love to do, but still need to be done!

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  1. Emmy, I'm on a "finish/cleanup" campaign this year also. Some I want to finish - others are being retired forever, or given away to Community Service to finish and donate. I want more control of my "stuff" - so this cleanout includes fabric stash and beads too. Once a month - I will give to the "free table" at guild. They will find a new home and place to be loved!