Friday, January 15, 2016

Princesse des Neiges

It is the middle of January and we had our first snow storm of the year this week. I was happy to be snowed in. It was cold and windy and visibility was reduced to under a quarter of a mile. It was perfect weather to begin my winter hibernation. It seems natural to me to spend time at home in the winter. The snow brightens my studio and the light beckons me to come in and create.

I have made a lot of thank you cards this month and several sympathy cards. It has been a tough start to the year for families who have lost young people way before their time. All the more reason to welcome each day and embrace it. My husband always encourages me to enjoy each day and allow myself to have fun and play. So, that is what I did this past week. I took the week to craft,  cook nice meals and sew.

Over the past few weeks, I have been shopping for things I could use to turn my studio companion, Genevieve, into a Snow Princess.  Since I prefer the French pronunciation of her name ("Gen vee ahhv"), I also prefer to call her new winter look, Princess des  Neiges, which is "snow princess" in French. The after Christmas sales were enticing, but I kept my eye on the prize, and kept my pledge to myself to only buy things this year that I will use right away. The goal in 2016 is to use my stash, not buy things uness I need them, and actually finish the  projects I start!

So, without further adieu,  let me present my Princesse des Neiges.

20 yards of white tulle, 2 yards of fancy light blue fabric with glittery swirls, fake fur, white Christmas garland, blue beaded floral picks, sparkly blue sticks. I am already planning her next ensemble for Valentines Day!

There will be some cards in my next post. Until then, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.