Monday, June 16, 2014

June 2014 . . . what I have been up to for the past couple months . . .

Hello! This POSTED before I was finished! Please come back to see the edits and the descriptions of my photos!

I know I really should take the time and make it a habit to sit down at the computer and write my blog, but it so often feels like I don't have much to show or tell. However, when I wait two months, it is way too much to show and tell! So, I hope this is the last time I have such a big gap between posts!
I tend to have mostly pictures here. . . and maybe if I blogged more often, I could add a story here and there about happenings here in my little world!

Spring has come back to Alexander and the bushes are so full this year. My weigela bush (also called a beauty bush) is gorgeous . .

I am a member of The Craft Hole, a crafting group on Facebook.
We held our first Friday Night Mini Challenge this past week.
The theme was to make a tag that referenced My Favorite Things.
Some of mine are hand-dyed seam binding, stamps and sentiments/words, my watercolor pencils, flat-back pearls, glitter, ribbons, trim, lace, vellum, and yarn.

I dyed these corsage pin heads with my new Spectrum Noir alcohol ink pens.
I love how they turned out. 

 I have been making stick pins! They were popular in the 1980's when I made them to wear on my winter hats and coats. They are seeing a resurgence in crafting. I use them in my mini albums, on cards and tags . . . and I think I will be wearing some of them, too! I can make these at night while watching TV with my hubby.  :-)

We showed property last Saturday morning and afterward, we drove to East Aurora, New York.
On the way, we saw a lot of windmills on the hills in Sheldon. 

We had lunch at The Roycroft Inn under the covered porch. It was a memorable meal and a wonderful time together. Afterward, I did a little shopping at The Copper Shop on The Roycroft Campus.

We had lunch at The Roycroft Inn under the covered porch. It was a memorable meal and we had a wonderful time together. This is one of our favorite places. Afterward, I did a little shopping at The Copper Shop on The Roycroft Campus.

Coming home one evening recently, there was a spectacular sunset.
I loved the image of the farm equipment parked on this  hill at the end of the day.

I have been making greeting cards and matching tags.

Here is another card and tag.
I am going to be selling them at a local shop nearby.

As a swap in The Craft Hole, we altered Altoid Tins.
I made this one for my partner and love how it came out!

I put these little cards inside the tin and tied them up with a silk ribbon.

Here is a photo of the interior.

Here is a photo of the interior with the cards inside.

And here is a photo of the little altered tin and the bundle of cards.

I love my new shelves!
I never seem to have enough shelf space for all of my craft stuff in my studio!

I made these as part of a swap in The Craft Hole.
These are some of the things I made to use on an altered clip board.

I altered a micro mini clipboard (on the left) and a mini clipboard (on the right).

In April, I was part of a tag swap in The Craft Hole.
I made this tag for my swap partner, Anessa.
I love how it turned out!

I made this for my swap partner Tiffany.
She is a girly girl and loves hats.

I made this tag for my swap partner Kathy.
She loves purple.
I had a lot of fun making the shaker card with little rain drops and mini umbrellas inside.

I made this tag as a thank you for a friend who helped me with a presentation at the quilt guild.
This is the back of the tag.

This is the front of the tag.
She is a gardener, so I had to use this paper!

Another friend who helped me with the presentation received this tag.
This paper made me think of her because she is a musician.

This is the back of the tag.

I altered this box as part of a challenge in The Craft Hole.
It is the shape of a pizza box, but about 7 inches square.
I deconstructed it, decorated it and put it back together.

This is the interior of the box.

This tag was made for one of the women who helped me with my quilt guild presentation.
This is the back of the tag.

This is the front of the tag. Her first name is Beth and I altered this metal tag to make it look a little steampunky to go with the paper.

What I have learned . . . 

I can upload my photos for my blog directly from my phone! This is a real time saver and it means I can blog more often . . . because I ALWAYS need to put photos in my blog!

I can get lots more done in my studio if I get in there and stay in there WITHOUT my phone, Kindle, or laptop! I am soooo drawn to my techie gadgets! My hubby (also my real estate partner) takes over and covers the phones and emails for me, so I have NO EXCUSE for not getting into the studio and making some things! My quilt guild is having a show this fall and I intend to have some of my quilts hanging in the show. That means I better get back to my sewing machine!

I love my life and have no big wants or needs . . . and that is a wonderful feeling. I have the love and acceptance of my husband and family.

What I need . . . .

I need to keep on cleaning out closets, cleaning off shelves and cleaning out my stash and moving things out of here . . . donating, selling, or tossing things out. It is hard for me to do this because I seem to have a relationship with everything I own. . . even if it was not mine to begin with.  I somehow became the owner or steward of many things . . . and it is time to only have in my house things that are useful or things I believe to be beautiful (paraphrased from William Morris).

Until we meet again . . . may the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand.