Sunday, January 6, 2019


Sunrise from our balcony at
Disney's Wilderness Lodge

It took a week away from home for me to realize some things about my life. Vacations are restorative, fun and, if you go to Disney World, immersive. Even on vacation, or maybe especially on vacation, I require a long wake-up time. Early mornings with my coffee cup in the quiet resort hotel suite gave me time to sort my thoughts about the previous day, look at our vacation photos, and plan for the day ahead. It also gave me the time to contemplate other things...especially how I structure and use the time I have every day at home. Away from the familiar surroundings of my house, yard and community, I could visualize days ahead spent in more comforting and productive ways...days with greater purpose for me and everyone with whom I cross paths. The goals and resolutions will still be listed on lined paper, highlighted, reviewed, rearranged, revised, and probably sometimes ignored; but for the most part I'll try to be more mindful and purposeful in my daily thoughts and actions. My keyword for 2019 is, and will be throughout the year, "resolve".

So, having arrived home with my heart warmed by time on vacation with family, and a fresh perspective on how I want the new year to unfold, I can say with enthusiasm that I am looking forward more to this new year than I can remember in the last few years. I am planning to tackle things that I have put off for a long time. Even though I have been trying to purge closets and cubby holes, there is still a lot of stuff I need to deal with. So, purging will be my January focus. This time I will not try to purge, but I will purge. There is a big difference in those two words, "try" and "will". By the end of the month, many things will be moved out either by donating them, tossing them, or selling them. When February rolls around, in just 25 days, I will work on something different and will work on it for the entire month. I don't know yet what it will be, but it will be immersive, like a Disney World vacation and hopefully my new approach will find me at the end of each month with a sense of comfort from my purposeful and productive approach.

Last year I stepped away from some organizations and from making commitments that would take away from my life with my husband. After four years of his attentive continual care-giving following my surgeries and hospitalizations, he deserved a break. The focus needed to change from being on me to being on him. The year was happy and uneventful. Of course, we had some things come up from time to time that complicated our days and challenged us. There were many opportunities for learning and better ways to do things we have always done the same old way. My decision to focus in 2018 on my husband and our home was a good one. It gave us our lives back and we returned to some normalcy. Now that I feel like I have my feet back on the ground, I hope to get involved again in organizations and activities that I enjoy. But for now, I need to focus on my January resolve and start purging.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. As always, your questions and comments are welcome here on my blog or on Facebook. I will read them and respond. I hope you and those you love are happy and healthy as you begin this new year. And until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the Hollow of His hand.


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