Saturday, June 27, 2015

Babies and Graduation . . .

It is a rainy Saturday. I planned to do many things today and also go to a graduation party, but between the constant pouring rain and not feeling 100%, I am just staying home. It has been a long week of challenges and it feels good to just stay in my cozy house and catch up on some recorded TV shows and movies and spend some quiet time here with my hubby. It seemed like a good day to catch up on my blog. :-)

I have continued to make cards. Here are a few that I made recently.
I made this for a friend who recently became a grandmother.
 It is her wish that the baby will call her "Oma", which is the German form of Gramma.
I made this card to celebrate her new grandson and the hope she will get her wish.
I mixed acrylic paints to get the right shade of yellow for the edges of the card front.
 I cut the letters out with one of my dies and tried to make the letters look like building blocks.

On the inside of the card, I put a rattle that I made from using one of my scalloped oval nesting dies.
 I stacked it with cardstock for dimension, and inside I placed little confetti images I picked up at Michaels.
I traced the handle of a meat fork for the handle!
 It is a shaker, but being on the inside of a card, it really doesn't get shaken very much.
I used acrylic paint along the edges of the inside of the card.
Purple and Gold are the school colors for this graduate.
I used some distress ink on the outside edge of the front of the card.
I used 6-strand embroidery floss to make the tassel.
I found the inspiration for this card on Pinterest.

I use my MS Word program to print the interior of some of my cards.
This is printed on parchment.
I used distress ink along the outer edge of the interior of the card.

My alma mater, Le Roy High School's colors.
I used one of my dies to cut out the letters and numbers.
I put some black glitter glue on them and on the cap to glam it up a bit.
I painted the outside edges of the front of the card with black acrylic paint.

I found some nice graduation card sentiments on line.
I used distress ink along the outside edges of the interior of the card.

There must be more that I can tell  you about that has been happening recently here in my world. Let me see . . .I have been cooking a little more and working on real estate a little more. I also started to sort through a lifetime of photographs. I have two large totes full of them. Some belonged to my parents and are of relatives who are long gone now. As I go through them, I plan to sort them and send them along to those who I think would like to have them. Email is a good thing for something like that, and if they want the hard copy, I will be happy to send them. It has been a goal of mine that I have saved for a snow day, but when the snow days come, I never have the boxes of photos at my finger tips. I think I am going to have to change that and keep them handy for times like today when it is rainy or on winter days when we have a blizzard! It is time to get this completed. Now that all of my photos are digital, I kind of miss having the real thing.

That is it for now. . .and until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand.


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