Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Greetings!

I am feeling more productive than I have in the past few months. I know that  my time is limited for making things because I have been ill this past summer and fall. So, that means when I have a good day or some extra time in the day, I head into my studio. Even if it is just for a few minutes, I try to pick it up and put things away and work on a project. I think it is keeping me sane, too, which I am sure makes my husband happy!

I actually managed to take all the fall décor down AND packed it away, so now we can begin decorating for Christmas! Our biggest wreath (a fake green one) has had the same ornaments and floral spikes on it for a few years now. I am going to cut that all off. I put it on with floral wire and I think it could withstand a tornado! I admit, I tend to overdo it sometimes when I am constructing something! :-) I want to put it over our living room mantle this year, so I need to coordinate the trims with our tree. Not hard to do because I seem to have an abundance of Christmas decorations. It is a weakness of mine and when we travel, especially after the holidays, we stop at some of our favorite stores along the way and find the after-Christmas sales. I have scored some lovely ornaments on those trips and cherish each and every one. When I take the tree down every year, I wrap the ornaments carefully and try to put them in the boxes they came in. I label them so I know where and when I got them, so when I unwrap them the following year, it is like I am getting a gift! It is one of the quirky things about myself that I like!!! (There are several other quirks that I have that probably nobody likes!)

I am planning to make some Christmas gifts in the coming weeks, so I may not post any photos until after the holidays...except cards! In the meanwhile, below are some of the cards I made this past week.

Now that Advent is here, it is my hope that you and yours enjoy the season of peace and joy that Jesus' birth brought to the world.

And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.



  1. Hi, Emmy, I'm trying to leave you a comment again this morning hopefully it will work sense I'm doing it from my pc and not my phone or tablet. I just wanted to tell you I think your blog is beautifully done. Your writing is interesting and beautiful and your pictures are well composed. I think It looks great. I love the cards you've shared,. I am going to have to borrow your idea and use more than one card for each blog post, maybe then I can get caught up by this time next year. lol. I did click follow on your blog so it looks like it took that so maybe everything is working this morning. I will also be able to keep up with your post because I added you to some of my circles on google +. It's kinda the best place to keep up with everything you want to see from your friends because you can see blog post, and you tube vids and you don't have to employ a blog reader to keep up with your blogs. I will be back often and I'm so glad to have you following my blog. I do make more blog post than videos but I need to get busy with it. Much love and hugs, Amy K

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you for your kind comments. :-) I have been lax at posting, but now I try to post on Mondays. That might get me into a regular routine. I think I am following you too and have you in my circles . . . some of this seems way too complicated here on Google! I probably will make a Christmas card vid on YouTube sometime soon. I am awaiting the delivery of my new Sizzix Textured Impressions die any day now . . . I won't tell you which one . . . You will just have to wait! :-) Thanks again for stopping by! Emmy