Saturday, February 13, 2016

Queen of Hearts

In the story Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts is no sweetheart! However, as I scoured Pinterest to find inspiration for something to adorn my dressform for February, I couldn't resist the images of all the Queen of Hearts costumes.

My first still wearing her Snow Princess ensemble. With tonight's weather, snow and sub-zero temperatures, it seems fitting to let her stay wrapped in her white furry stole.

I won't have to always use Genevieve anymore because I was fortunate to stumble across a fantastic unadvertised sale at Joann's last week. The dress forms I had been looking at for over a year were now discounted 66%! The sale, along with my senior discount that was offered for only one day, brought the discount to 72%! So, tonight I dressed my new dressform in her February ensemble.

Her skirt is made of tulle, her blouse is stretch velvet, and she wears a pretty ribbon around her neck. Her collar is made of playing cards. I had help making the skirt.  I needed four hands, so my husband came to the rescue! It made the construction go much faster!

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I wanted to get this post written  tonight. I think that my Queen of Hearts is not mean at all, but a real sweetheart. ♡

Meet my friend, the nice Queen of Hearts!
Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. She is fabulous!!!!! Love her collar!!!! Will u be naming your other dress forms???

  2. Thank you so much! The collar was challenging, but I just persevered. There's nothing like a deadline to make it happen! I just HAD to finish her before ♡ Valentine's Day ♡. I am trying to come up with a name for her . . . thinking of Edie, after my mother, who was small like she is! ;-)