Thursday, December 17, 2015

Focus on friends . . .

It feels nice to be remembered. You know  . . . the feeling you get when you receive a card or phone call out of the blue. . . or, these days, an email or text message, from a friend who just wanted to say, "I'm thinking about you". Perhaps it has been a while since you were remembered this way. If so, you are not alone. People are not reaching out directly to others as much as in the past, due in part to the phenomenon of social media. Most days, the best you can hope for is to be tagged so a friend's post catches your eye when you check your Facebook account!

I was thinking about this while I was in my studio making Christmas cards. I used to send greetings out in the mail a lot, and for all occasions . . .  or no occasion at all. But the ease of grabbing my tablet or phone changed that. I can make a quick post telling the world about the oh-so-interesting thing I just did, ate, or saw. I can tag friends so they feel included. But is that the way I should be reaching out? I think l have been duped by technology to believe I am in touch with my friends by tagging them in my posts!

There are times during the day or evening that someone pops into my head and I think about them for a minute and maybe say a little prayer for them. I might think of how nice it would be to see them for coffee or something, but the thought leaves me and I get absorbed into whatever I am doing; and at that moment, I don't even contact them electronically.

I have decided it is time to act when thoughts of others come to mind. Today I put a little stack of cards on my studio work table. The pens are there already, so I can sit down anytime of the day or night and write a note. I will buy some stamps today and keep them right there with the cards. This will be my new habit. I am getting better at following through on establishing new habits, so this should be relatively easy. I mean . . . how long can it take to walk into my studio, take pen in hand, and write a thoughtful note? Ten minutes? Fifteen minutes? What a nice way to take a break! It should also release me from the guilt I feel when I look at my TO DO list and see friends names penciled in along the margins. My friends deserve more than a faded penciled in note along the margins of my TO DO lists.

I mentioned I have been making Christmas cards. They will appear in a post after Christmas. I know that some of my blog readers will be receiving them from people who placed orders with me and I don't want to show them here before they receive them. :-) I do have a couple photos to share with you, though.

It isn't really a Christmas card, but I like it and will make more for Christmas!
This was sent to a friend who thought of me while I have been recovering from surgery and sent me a special gift.

My annual winter scarf project is going a little slow!
Between drowsiness and watching Christmas movies on ION and the Hallmark Channel,
I cant count my stitches unless I stare at my needles. This might be done by the time we actually have  snow this winter!
Christmas Eve is just one week away. I love all the excitement of the season with special shopping, making gifts, sending cards, listening to beloved carols and watching heart-touching movies. But more than all of that, I love the Season of Advent and what it promises: Christmas Day and the birth of our Savior. I am hoping I will keep up more with friends in the coming year and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand. 


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