Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are you ready for some football?

It is Super Bowl Sunday . . . and that means we get to eat lots of snacks! I get lured in every year at this time by the chip and dip sales at the grocery store. My husband, who has had to do all the shopping while I have been recuperating from surgery, was lured in too. When he came home with the groceries yesterday, there were lots of snacks in the bags!  I love having snacks when I watch a game. And this game will be no exception; although, I am not particularly interested in either team, I will be rooting for the Seahawks. I just don’t like the Patriots. Period. I didn’t like them before the Deflategate story and I don’t think I will ever like them!

I was surprised this week with Happy Mail from my online craft group, Craft That Divas on Facebook. Some of the ladies in  the group made get well cards for me.  They were gathered up and sent to me in one big envelope by the group leader, Mrs Tiffany. My jaw dropped when I saw what was inside the parcel! Everyone put so much work into the cards they made for me. Thank you my crafty Diva friends!

I made a video when I opened the parcel. You can see it here:

Perhaps you can see the cards better in photos, so here they are! Aren’t they just beautiful? What a gift each of these cards is.
Made by Cindy G.

Made by Amy K. 

Made by Mrs. Tiffany 

Made by Jen R. 

Made by Debi B. 

It is a slider card! 

Made by Kim W. 

I have managed to keep busy in my studio this week in between a few other things. I still can’t do any lifting, pushing, pulling. Generally, I just have to take it easy. However, I think if I take it any easier, somebody is gonna put me in a hole and throw dirt on me! I am getting a little antsy, but that must be a sign that I am starting to feel better! And I have been getting my appetite back. In fact, some days I feel like I am a bottomless pit! My husband is so good about getting all the foods that I love when he goes shopping. He is a real gem and takes excellent care of me. 

This week I made some cards and I also made a tag as part of the Craft That Divas monthly tag challenge. Here is a photo of my Happy New Year themed tag for January. I challenged myself to use something I had in my stash, but had not used yet. . . the corrugated cardboard. I like how it turned out.
Happy New Year Tag

made as a challenge in Craft That Divas Group

Now for the cards . . .

I made the masculine card I mentioned a couple weeks ago.
 It is for our UPS man. He is so good about how he handles our parcels.

I found the velour-like paper that I bought last summer in anticipation of getting this chair die. I was so frustrated that I could not find it . . . but then one early morning while I was looking for something else that I could not find, this pink paper was right in front of me! It looks so much like upholstery fabric!

I made an envelope box for the chair card. 

I really like this bird cage die and decided to use it again on a card.
This time, it is a Valentine’s Day card.

Again, I made a box envelope to go with it. 

Oh, and while I was digging around that early morning, I also found a pile of some papers that I had stashed after making a mini album. I had forgotten all about these papers! I decided to put them on my table and make myself use them for my next project. I need to do that more often. I get more creative sometimes if I am limited in my resources. Does that even make sense?! It works . . so that is the important part, right?

I made a thank you card for our good neighbors who live across the street with the found papers. They have shoveled our sidewalk for us all winter long. It is so nice to look out our front door on a snowy day and find the walk cleared already!

I need to keep at the card making and I hope to get back into production mode for some mini albums and covered boxes. It has been a long time since I worked on any and I really enjoy making them! I was looking at some of my old YouTube videos this past week and it inspired me to get back to making them. They make a nice gift and I have had several orders over the past few  years for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and so forth. I have some beautiful new papers that I am just dying to use! 

Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon dying seam binding for my projects. I used Spectrum Noir alcohol ink markers, dye inks (ink pads), and Tim Holtz Distress Stain Liquid. I like the results very much and I need to keep up with making these every so often because I like to use them in my projects. They add so much!
Hand-dyed seam binding . . . Eye Candy for Crafters.

 The results! Yummy.


We are headed into another rather cold spell.

I am happy to stay home in my studio where it is warm and there are plenty of creative opportunities. In fact, one of my crafty facebook friends suggested that we Skype sometime soon when we are crafting. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Since I am pretty much a solo crafter, this will be very different for me.
It is time for the football game . . . let the snacking begin! I will be posting again soon. As always, your comments are welcome.
And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.


  1. Love the cards....both the ones you got as gifts and the ones you have made as gifts, You are an inspiration ....doing all this and keeping activ, while not yet feeling up to par yourself. You are a wonderful gift to all who know youl

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Elaine. :-) We have a snow day today, so I think I can get back into my studio and start the week off with some creativity! Hope you can do the same.