Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mid-month Musings

Staying indoors during the cold weather suits me just fine. We had a couple of nights that dipped down to 8 below zero with wind chills to minus 20. That is too cold! We have quite a bit of snow on the ground and I love how it lights up my studio. I have been trying to work in my studio and have made a couple things this week. Recovering from surgery, I find that I am not completely on my game, so I cut and paste and then find I did something upside down or backward and need to start over again. I have learned to accept my mistakes, let them go and start over. Heaven knows that I have enough stash that a mistake here and there and paper and embellishments won't be missed a bit when they need to be tossed out! In fact, since I have not been able to run in and out of Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby to shop, I have had to look deep into my stash for things to use. And guess what? There is a lot of stuff that I had forgotten I even had!

I need to get my chipboard and wooden embellishments out and make a masculine card tonight. I am always challenged when making a card for a guy. I don't know why. I found some nice examples on Pinterest to use as a reference. Perhaps this will be the year that I actually go to my stash first to make things instead of going shopping. It will be one of the positive outcomes from this time of recovery!

I made cards for two special special people and made little boxes for them because they are embellished and would not fit in a regular envelope. I really had fun making the boxes and found them easy to do once I got the hang of it! I used my Martha Stewart scoreboard. I have to admit that I need to have more patience with the learning curve when it comes to learning new things! I just want to sit down and make something and have it come out right the first time. Thank goodness that I have lots of scrapbook paper that I am not real fond of that is left over from some projects. You know how there is always one or two sheets of paper that just don't appeal to you? I use them for practice.

Below are the box envelopes and cards I mentioned.  I know I will be making more because I really like how they turned out.  :-)

Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment below if you wish. :-)  

I will be back next week. Until then may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.



  1. Cards look like they are for new homeowners...? Nice.

    1. These cards are for a couple special people in my life. Although the one with the locks and key would certainly be nice for a housewarming card, it isn't for a client. I will probably make another one, though, to give to a client. :-)