Friday, August 22, 2014

Late Summer . . . and how I spent some of my summer vacation . . .

Late summer sights and sounds are all around us.
This is a corn field on a road near our house.
I love to see it in all seasons.

I had company when I was having
my morning coffee on the porch a few days ago.
We said our prayers together. :-)

Pretty clouds to the east . . .from our deck. 

I made a paper stars wreath in a Friday Night Mini Challenge
in an online craft group that I used to be in.  My crafty friend Tiffany and I 
hosted the event on Friday nights and had fun coming up with ideas like this. 

This is the first in series of my Pretty Lady ATC's (Artist Trading Cards).
Artists swap these with each other!
I sent this to another artist in a swap that we did in an online group. 

A card that I made to thank a client for an order she placed with me. 

Some pretty packaging for a swap I coordinated in an online group.
These are chipboard diecuts that crafters use for cards, mini albums, tags and so forth.
It was fun sending them and getting different ones in return.

These are some sample tags I made to show to the client who made a special order.
They can be used on gifts, in mini albums, or embellished and hung on the wall,
a door knob, or on a Christmas tree. :-)

This is a little skinny mini. . . made from one 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbooking paper,
folded to create an accordion-style binding. The pages are embellished and it is tied
with a ribbon. I love this little corset and the wings made from metal leaves!  
These make nice little gifts and you can tuck special notes, coupons, or gift cards inside. :-) 
This was one of the Friday Night Mini Challenge projects I coordinated for the 
on line group that I used to be in. 
I made a little video tutorial for the group to follow as they made theirs.

With the strip cut off of the 12x12 sheet, we made mini mini albums!
Now, these are just the right size for a gift card!
You can see the video tutorial that I made here:

And the video of the project that I made can be seen here:

Card I made for someone  . . . just because . . .  

I have been making this style of card for my real estate clients when they close on their new home.
I put their house number in the little frame and use little brass brads to attach it to the card front. 

I made this tag during a Friday Night Mini Challenge that my friend Tiffany and I coordinated.
The challenge was to take 3 uglies from your stash: 
Ugly paper (The big floral), Ugly Embellishment (The "E"), and Ugly Trim (The strippy little whateveritis trim that I had in my stash),  and make something beautiful!
I guess I was channeling my Woodstock girl (altho I didn't go to Woodstock!) . . and I tried to make this look like a blouse in crazy fabric with trim, tucked into a pair of hip-rider jeans. . . . a long necklace and a belt with a big buckle. . . . I actually liked it when I finished it!

Another Friday Night Mini Challenge that my friend Tiffany came up
with is this little "purse" and "shoes". I made mine out of chipboard. It was a lot of fun. I gave the shoes to a friend who has a daughter who turned 21 and is an absolute shoe lover. (Who isn't?) :-)

Oh, here is another ATC . . . "Forever Young".
I made this one for my friend Tiffany.

I made some stick pins for my friend Tiffany.
I saved some acrylic packaging from something and used it to package them up.
The backing is scrapbook paper and the edging is washi tape.  
Hmmm . . . I guess that is it for now! I have some other things I am working on, but they can't be shown just yet, because they are gifts that have not yet been given!

I got this done way before I expected to . . . my plan was for Monday, but here it is . . . on Friday . . . three days ahead of my own deadline! :-)

I am grateful for the time I have to pursue my art and the support I get from my husband . . . who is my biggest fan and my constant "show and tell" victim. The only TV show I know I cannot interrupt for an opinion is Buffalo Bills football . . . .other than that, he welcomes me (maybe!) when I rush in to show him something I just made!

Here is to a great weekend!

And until we meet again, may God hold  you in the hollow of His hand.


  1. Wow, are so busy "online.! I love everything you do and show!

    1. Thanks Elaine! And now I am getting busy in the here and now so I can finish my quilts for the show!!! :-) . . . Photos to follow . . . :