Monday, January 13, 2014

Have you missed me? I have been away from blogging for a bit . . . but I am back!


I will publish this blog now . . . and photos later. I have just waited too long to put the photos into the parts where they should be . . . so, what I will do is a blog later on, maybe tonight, that shows just pix . . .
 LONG STORY SHORT: I lost a lot of my pix . . . so now I am kind of starting over in the picture department . . . read below, if you wish. Or wait for the pix!


I started the draft of this post on Black Friday . . .But because I was waiting for news on the photos that were on my phone's micro sd card . . . with more than 2 years of photos on them . . . including some I wanted to post here, I waited. 

I got the news later that day from the tech guy who looked at my micro sd card. It has suffered what he called catostraphic damage. What that translates to me is some heart ache because I do not have access to some of my most precious photos. Darn it. The ease of picture taking in the digital age comes with a cost to those of us who do not print or send our photos to the cloud. Guess it is time for me to learn to use the cloud . . . 1200 photos too late. :-(  I thought my phone uploaded them w/ the backup of my contacts. D U H . . . )

Since my last post, I finished some projects. One is a pineapple block that I made from batik fabrics as a housewarming gift for one of the women who was in the Art C Girlz group. I don't have a photo to share. :-( Then everyone in the group signed one of the "logs" that make up the block and I sent it to her at her new home. She is missed and was such a great addition to our little group. I am hoping she can come and visit us sometime in the future when she comes back this way.

I have made a few Christmas mini albums and matching boxes. I took this to the local shop where I sell some of my things. Since I began this post, they were both sold!

I joined an online group in facebook and have entered a few challenges and swaps. It is a great way to meet other crafters, exchange ideas and items, and grow by trying new things. I entered a Steampunk Tag Challenge. We had to video tape our progress as we made the tag, so I did mine in what turned out to be 5 videos! They are on my YouTube channel. 

I made a snowglobe as part of a challenge in the online group I am in. It is a group on FaceBook called The Craft Hole, and I made some Christmas tags to swap in the on line group, and some to sell.

What I won't be posting a photo of is my torn-apart studio! It needed to be cleaned out, reorganized, and the work stations needed to be set up better, so I tore it apart and it is currently a big mess! I took all the sewing-related items out and cleaned one end of the room to use for sewing. I have my stash (well, some of it!) in the corner and a work table with my sewing machine and cutting mat. It is near a north window and I really like the light to sew by . . . especially when it has snowed and the clean snow right outside my window makes the whole room brighter!

Now . . for the other 3/4 of the room. . . that is devoted to paper crafting and that is a work in progress that needs to get finished by Sunday night. I have a lot of stuff and getting it sorted out, labeled, and within easy reach is very important. If you are a crafter, you know what I am talking about! If you aren't, I am sure you can understand. Having a messy studio is like trying to find something in the junk drawer in the kitchen. I know you have one of those! 

I plan to be back soon and post more photos. In the meanwhile, you can check to see if I have posted any new videos on my YouTube channel!

THIS POST may seem a bit scattered . . no, maybe a lot scattered. I am getting it finished and sent and then I will start a new for 2014!

So, since it is too late to wish  you a Merry Christmas . . I WISH YOU AND THOSE YOU LOVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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