Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

I am having a home day, in fact, I have had pretty much a home weekend . . . and I am loving it! Fall is really on the way. A lot of leaves have fallen off our trees and by tomorrow it will be cooler and this humidity will go away. Whew! That will be a very good thing!

I have been in the studio off and on the past few days. I go in and paint something, leave and let it dry, then go back and do the next step a few hours later. I am kind of liking having that schedule. I have always admired people who did things in stages. I usually end up getting so absorbed that I can't pull myself away and end up doing a marathon. So, for me, this is growth!

Tomorrow will be a day to work in the cooler temps on the yard. My husband and I will be cutting back some of the overgrown bushes around the house. It was too hot most days we planned to do it this past week! Now we won't have that for an excuse.

I put a couple slide shows up on YouTube today. They are photos of the projects that I already posted videos on. I like the still photos a lot and maybe I will start adding those for all my projects. You can see each page a lot better in a photo. And, you don't have to listen to me talk! :-)  My videos do tend to get long, even when I try to make them short!

Here are a couple photos that I used in the video slide shows. They show the boxes, mini albums and some of the components inside.

This one is ABC Primer.
I used Graphic 45 specialty papers.

I am on the look out for more boxes like this.
If you know where I can get some, please let me know!

I made the mini album from scratch.
I cut the chipboard for the pages,
made the pocket pages,
and fussy cut the papers to fit the box & album pages.

I made the inserts, photo books,
little journaling booklets and tags
that I stained with various techniques.
You can view the little slide show at:
on my Studio Emmy YouTube channel.
There is another slide show there, too, that I posted today.
It is a Halloween mini album and gift box.
I used some really cool specialty scrap booking paper that is like kraft paper.
Here are a couple photos of it from the slide show:
The mini album and gift box.
The components inside the mini that are the embellishments.
The interior of the covered gift box and the mini inside.
I put some orange tissue paper underneath the mini album.
You can view it at:
I have more photos of another mini and gift box to make a video slide show on YouTube, but will do that another day. It is time to get on with a few other things before the day is over.
What I have learned:
I can work on projects in sections and not exhaust myself by working on something from beginning to end in one day or weekend!
What I want to learn:
How to divide my time up evenly between my studio, my home, and my real estate career . . . or at least how to balance them better!
What I appreciate:
All the people who support me in the various aspects of my life.
What I want:
World Peace. Amen


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